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Bach Stay are the local holiday home rental experts.

Generating an income from your holiday home is simple with our personalized and flexible services:

Bach Stay will:

  • Look after your home as if it were our own.
  • Take away from you the pressure, stress and time involved in screening and finding suitable tenants.
  • Market your holiday home through our website and on a selection of the best New Zealand holiday homes websites.
  • Answer all enquiries, take bookings, and organise payment to you upon rental completion.
  • Meet and greet your guests. We’ll provide helpful information and friendly service throughout their stay to ensure good renters return!
  • Work to rectify any issues within our means while guests are in your property and communicate with you as appropriate.
  • See the guests out and check the property, ensuring it is secure.
  • Clean your home to our high standards after rentals.
  • Provide regular communication to help maximise your rental occupancy and ensure guests have a great experience during their stay.
  • Continually review our systems and processes to ensure we provide a high-level service to guests and owners and we keep up with market changes.


Contact Bach Stay today on or 09 817 5007 to discuss our holiday home management services - you can rent your holiday home with peace of mind using Bach Stay!